How can you overcome anxiety through communication?

Anxiety attacks are very common in today’s lifestyle and it calls for immediate attention, as it affects us mentally and physically. It feels like you’re malfunctioning, and you can’t process your thoughts. Since, it is an inward feeling where you will experience a bad knot in your stomach, from the outside you will look extremely normal. The only way people can know about your anxiety is when you talk to them about your feelings. The more you try to suppress it, the more it can get uncomfortable for you.

Therefore, it is best to talk to people around you – whom you trust and start sharing your problems. Identifying the reason causing the anxiety and then talking it out to people can help you to come out of it easily. Nothing is too big unless we think it is.

Always be in groups and have friends with whom you can be yourself. Moving with people and speaking about something you passionately care about can make you comfortable and instill confidence. So, whenever you start speaking, start with the topic you feel most enjoyable and let the conversation flow. Once you start gaining confidence, you start believing in yourself, the magic starts happening.