Mobile and Gaming Applications

The global gaming industry is very likely to hold a value of 128.5 billion by 2020 with mobile acquiring a major share of more than 50% percent of market share. With the introduction and broad use of innovative technologies like Augmented Reality (AG) and Virtual Reality (VR), the statistics are more likely to incline towards the mobile application and gaming industry. With the advent of advanced hardware for mobiles, many previously faced issues like heating, storage, graphics, battery life, etc. are all being taken care of and the industry is expanding like never before. 

All these facts and figures have made the mobile gaming industry a booming one, with the investment flow increasing every year. From almost half a decade now, with the growing number of mobile platforms and their capacities, games have become an integral part of a mobile device. 

The process of game development requires a sound knowledge of both technical and non-technical aspects. The developer team needs to decide on the type, graphical specifications, hardware configuration, and other aspects according to the model of the mobile. The application development technology and designing strategies also vary accordingly. The major mobile device companies for which games are being developed are Apple, Samsung, Windows, etc. 

The countless success stories of Angry Birds, Plant v/s Zombies, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Mini Militia, PUBG; have inspired a whole new generation of mobile gaming applications. The most important aspect of developing a game is the entire game plot and the gameplay involved. The most successful games are the ones that have got more downloads and the maximum number of users.