7 tips for a disciplined lifestyle

With our abilities, we all strive to achieve excellence, what we tend to forget is excellence is a journey, discipline is the vehicle. Here, are some simple ways to help you be more disciplined in life –

Identify your weakness
It is very important to accept that you have a weakness, once you identify, accept your weakness. Develop an attitude of change.

Tame your habits
By knowing that you want to change, your mind and body starts to prepare itself in the new direction. Remove temptations and other unnecessary diversions. Change one habit at a time. If you can think of one excuse to not do it, think of the reason why you started.

Set goals and execution plan
Keep time-limits to change your habits and be more efficient and effective. Set realistic goals and start with a plan to make it happen. A goal without a plan is only an unachieved goal. So, make sure to plan every little detail to be successful. 

Reward yourself
To keep yourself going, remember to reward generously. Occasionally, plan a non-disciplined day; this will help you understand the value of discipline, and increase productivity in the next days by having a relaxed day today.

Build a routine
A daily routine is vital to any long-term achievement. A 60-minute morning routine and a 30-minute before the bed routine can help you set yourself apart from the others.

Track your progress
When you plan and set goals, you also decide a way you’ll be measuring your performance. Constantly, keep track of your progress and plan accordingly.

Be consistent
Consistent and guided efforts along a direction can keep you on track and easily achieve the desired results. Small and repeated efforts day in and day out bring out the better you in the long run.

You can achieve success by following discipline and perseverance. Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplined habits practiced every day.